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Excellent quality! Always on schedule. Easy payment process. Goes over and beyond to ensure an excellent customer experience and a quality lawn. Thanks to Derek, my lawn is one of the best in the neighborhood. I’ve been a customer since this past summer and have recommended their services to everyone I know.

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Leaf Clean up begins in the early fall when most of the leaves have turned color and about half of them have fallen from the trees. A second (final) leaf cleanup is done for the same reasons once the majority of the leaves have fallen from the trees. Dk lawncare and landscaping are extremely quick and efficient and can quickly reduce the time it takes to do this laborious fall task. We use high powered backpack blowers to move the leaves quickly across your property. Debris is removed from the property. In the event you are in a leaf collecting area your leaves are moved to the proper collection area of your property.

Benefits of The Dk lawncare and landscaping fall leaf clean-up

  • This service helps to maintain a clean and neat appearance in your landscape.
  • Leaf clean up also helps to prevent clogged drains and slippery walking surfaces.
  • Removal of fall leaf material also prevents the grass from being matted down which can cause damage to your lawn.