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Excellent quality! Always on schedule. Easy payment process. Goes over and beyond to ensure an excellent customer experience and a quality lawn. Thanks to Derek, my lawn is one of the best in the neighborhood. I’ve been a customer since this past summer and have recommended their services to everyone I know.

Thanks for everything”!

MW. Robert

Seasonal Landscaping Services

Fall Spring Leaf Cleanup

Could your property benefit from a fall cleaning? Clients get a thorough leaf clean up, using state of the art equipment, commercial mowers with bagging systems, leaf plows and commercial blowers to provide quality services. Our lawn care and landscaping services are designed to provide the care and attending your property needs with none of the hassle for you. We’re proud of our loyalty to our clients. You should join countless other families in trusting DK Lawncare & Landscaping for all your property maintenance needs.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Fall cleanups get rid of leaves that build up when the weather turns cold and leaves start falling. It is necessary to get the leaves and debris off the lawn. The leaves start to decay and get moldy it is not ideal for them to sit on the lawn all winter covered by snow. The grass could also get killed in the areas where they pile and do not allow light or water to get to the lawn.

If you don’t have the time necessary to clean up your property during the fall. DK Lawncare & Landscaping can take care of it for you! Time is valuable let us do all the hard work so you can enjoy a beautiful, clean and orderly lawn. Clients experience a job finished quick and efficiently because of our expert lawn care service.

At DK Lawncare & Landscaping, we do what is necessary to get your property in order before the snow starts falling. We have years of experience and a reputation for quality. DK Lawncare & Landscaping helps their customers get their landscape prepared for its winter nap.

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